Product Description

Product Description

  • These funky shower timers help educate and regulate the saving of water and energy.
  • Shower Timers from EcoSavers® are innovative new products to educate children and adults alike to learn about saving water and energy.
  • Easy set the minutes and seconds you want to shower and after the set time, the timer will beep as a sign to stop showering.
  • Limit the time you shower and save water and energy, every day time and time again.
  • These products with digital countdown timers and alarm can easily be mounted on the shower wall by the integrated suction cup.
  • Start saving water and energy today with the EcoSavers® Shower Timers!
  • Choose between 3 different exciting models. The frog shower timer, duck shower timer, or the waterdrop shower timer. Please state which shower timer model you prefer when placing order.

Technical details

  • Time 1 sec. – 99 min / 59 sec.
  • Buttons 1. Minute, 2. Seconds, 3. Start/stop
  • Reset Push minute and second buttons together
  • Battery Type LR44 (AG 13) included
    • Duck shower timer  120 x 105 x 25 mm (including suction cup)
    • Frog shower timer 120 x 95 x 25 mm (including suction cup)
    • Drop shower timer 75 x 60 x 20 mm (including suction cup)

Ecosavers Shower Timer

Waterproof electronic shower timer with built in alarm. Ideal for baby showers. Duck, frog, and water drop shower timers available. ... More >>>

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