Product Description

Product Description

Learn how to make a hydrogen fuel cell car. This hydrogen fuel cell science kit demonstrates the real possibilities of how hydrogen can be used as a 100% clean fuel for cars in the future. The car can steer independently of the user once in operation: when the car hits a barrier, it will automatically find its way by reversing and turning 90 degrees.

A user manual makes the car kit easy to construct and operation only requires 2AA batteries and water. Solar panels can also be used and are available as an option.

The science kit contains:

  • 1 hydrogen fuel cell
  • 1 car chassis
  • 1 small electric motor
  • Two water and gas storage containers
  • Cables and tubes
  • 1 plastic syringe
  • User manual

Did You Know...

With new advances in technology, hydrogen is on its way to becoming the world's next fuel. It offers many important advantages: it is non-toxic, renewable, clean to use, and the most abundant element in our universe. And by using fuel cell technology to convert hydrogen to electricity, without any combustion, the technology is a significant solution to many of our global energy and environmental problems.

This kit is currently being used in regional school competitions in the UK. Students build a system that
uses hydrogen created with energy from the sun, to power applications from their wildest imagination. To
win the competition, students are encouraged to apply their imagination to create either very interesting or
very fun applications.

Technical Details

The set includes:

  • 0.6W reversible fuel cell
  • Two units of 1W H2/Air PEM fuel cells
  • Gas/water exchanger
  • Hydrogen storage vessel
  • Water tank and a solar panel.
WARNING: To avoid the risk of property damage, serious injury or death. This kit should only be used by persons 12 years old and up, and only under the supervision of adults who have familiarized themselves with the safety measures described in the kit.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car Science Kit

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car Science Kit - Build your own Hydrogen powered car! ... More >>>

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