Product Description

Product Description

  • HYmini accessory: Personal wind turbine bike holder.
  • Built-in wind renewable energy generator.
  • To activate the fan and to attain enough power to charge HYmini, a wind speed of at least 9 mph is required. When the device is charged by wind power, a green light adjacent to the fan will turn on to indicate that the internal battery of the device is charging.
  • The higher the wind speed, the more power will be generated and stored in the internal battery. Please note that a consistent voltage, preferably higher voltage, is required for an ecient charge-in rate. Wind speed of 15 mph and above (40 mph max) with an extended period of exposure is ideal for ecient charging.
  • HYmini‘s turbine is designed to be impact-safe and removable.
  • Environmentally friendly and eco friendly

Technical Details

  • Using 100~240V AC to DC power
  • Using the AC-DC adaptor provided in the box, connect HYmini to a 100~240V wall electrical outlet through the DC input jack. An indicator on the side, adjacent to the USB outlet, turns red when the device is charging.
  • Once the indicator turns green, it the internal battery has completed charging. Note that a safety control circuit protects the device from being overcharged.
  • You can also charge HYmini using other DC inputs, including hand crank generators, and
    PC or laptop computer USB cable outlets.

HYmini Personal Wind Turbine Bike Holder

HY-Mini personal wind turbine bicycle kit and holder to allow your HYMini wind turbine to charge while you cycle. ... More >>>

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