Product Description

Product Description

  • Moonlight NightLight is the perfect childrens night light.
  • This night light provides a gentle pale blue light. Ideal for passageways, staircases, landings and as a baby night light.
  • The Moonlight NightLight is a highly energy efficient way of keeping away the imaginary night time monsters.
  • The MoonLight uses a high tech electroluminescent light panel that is cool to the touch and so there are no bulbs to blow, break or replace.
  • The nightlight will run 24 hours a day for 365 days a year for under 50 pence.
  • Uses only 4.38 kWH per year compared with 61 kWH for a regular 7 watt night light bulb.
  • It emits a cool blue green electro-luminescent light perfect for night lighting in bedrooms hallways and corridors.
  • Compatible with any 3 pin socket.

Moonlight Nightlight

Nightlight originally developed by NASA to illuminate cockpit panels. This nightlight will run for 24 hours a day 365 days a year for under 50 pence. ... More >>>

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