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Easy to follow instructions showing you how to build a 0.9m parabolic solar cooker. Simply print off the parabolic template, cut out parabolic reflectors, and simply join parabolic petals together in minutes to form your very own fast, efficient, and portable parabolic solar cooker.

Build parabolic solar cooker

Product Features

  • ebook containing step-by-step instructions for building a 0.9m parabolic solar cooker.
  • book includes two parabolic templates.
  • Temperatures of over 250F can be obtained.
  • Boil 1litre of water in approximately 45-60 minutes.

Contents of ebook

  • Overview of parabolic solar cookers.
  • How to build a parabolic solar cooker.
  • What you will need.
  • Specifications.
  • Assembly Instructions.
  • Suggestions.
  • Summary.

Two parabolic templates are included in PDF document, these templates can be printed off on either an A4 printer or A1 plotter/printer.

These templates are then used for the construction of a parabolic solar cooker.

1.2m parabolic solar cooker ebook templates

Technical Specification

  • Diameter of dish 0.9m
  • Depth 0.25m
  • Focal Point 0.20m
  • Number of segments 10
  • Dimensions of parabolic petal; base - 27.98cm, length - 51.21cm.
  • Approximate power output - 900W

Parabolic Solar Cooker ebook 90cm diameter

Parabolic solar cooker eBook - 90cm diameter. Immediate download available. ... More >>>

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