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Shallow parabolic solar cookers offer faster cooking times, but require more attendance than deep solar cooker dishes.

Product Features

  • Food can be cooked, and water boiled in very short periods of time.
  • A shallow dish requires regular pointing to the sun (approx every 15-30mins). Check out solar cooker kit (deep) if longer unattended cooking times are required.
  • Ideal for the solar cooking enthusiasts and home hobbyists.

Parabolic solar cooker kits - Shallow dish

  • Kit includes
    • 1.1 metre parabolic template which is used to make 14 petals.
    • 2½ metres of highly reflective mirror vinyl sheeting supplied (adhesive on one-side).
    • Complete easy-to-follow instrucions for building a powerful parabolic solar cooker

parabolc solar cookers

  • Diameter of dish - 1.1m
  • Depth - 0.23m
  • Focal Point - 32.88cm
  • Weight - 0.5kg

parabolic solar cooker with stand

  • Picture shows how the solar cooker kits look when completed.
  • Note the backing material used for cookers is 2mm thick HIPS plastic (not supplied).
  • NB The kit does not include a stand or cooking pot.

Parabolic Solar Cooker Kit - Shallow Dish

Parabolic Solar Cooker Kit - Shallow dish design (1.1 metre diameter). ... More >>>

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