Product Description

Product Description

  • The POWERplus® Swallow dynamo bicylce LED torch and charger.
  • Easy and safe cycling in the dark; never run out of batteries!
  • The POWERplus® Swallow is a complete bicycle lighting system with front- and backlight.
  • Simple wind up the main (front) unit and click in the holder. You then have bright front and backlight for safe cycling in the dark.
  • Not just a cycling system the Swallow can be used as a charger for mobile phones. The Swallow comes with a Nokia cable.

Technical Details

  • PowerPlus SWALLOW. Dynamo LED bicycle front and back light set.
  • Superbright 3 LEDs front and back. 3 modes, flash 3 LEDS, steady 1 LED, steady 3 LEDS.
  • Integrated mobile phone charger. Includes full universal mounting kit.
  • Both lights removable
  • Maximum brightness
    • 3 LED front light 110.000 MCD
    • 3 LED 9 LM
  • LED lifetime: 3 LED 50.000 Hour
  • Shine time (after 1minute winding)
    • Front and taillight intense shining: 8 Minutes
    • Front and taillight flashing: 18 Minutes
    • Headlight intense shining: 12 Minutes
    • Headlight flashing: 4 Hours
  • Talk time (after 1 minute of winding): 2 - 8 minutes
  • Standby time (after 3 minutes of winding): 20-30 minutes
  • Shine time fully charged: 50 minutes
  • Shine time front and taillight flashing: 5hours

PowerPlus Swallow Wind Up Torch Bike Lights

PowerPlus SWALLOW. Dynamo LED wind up bicycle front and back light set. Both lights removable. ... More >>>

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