Product Description

Product Description

The Tefal Quick Cup is an innovative and energy saving water dispenser that gives you hot or cold filtered water at a touch of a button. Press the red button, and within 3 seconds 220ml of water (about the capacity of a mug) is drawn up through an integrated filter, heated, and then dispensed, piping hot, direct into your cup. If you need more keep your finger pressed down on the button; if you want less, then press the button again.

The great advantage of this Tefal Quick Cup is that it only heats the water you need: Tefal claim it can save up to 65% energy, compared to an ordinary kettle. It also takes just 3 seconds to heat a mug of water, so you have plenty of time during the ad break to make your cuppa!

Click here to see how it works - Tefal Quick Cup instruction guide

The Tefal Quick Cup offers remarkable features: -

  • Water heats up to 90 degrees in only 3 seconds
  • Uses 1/3 of energy of a standard kettle
  • Filtered cleaner and clearer water
  • Water level indicator
  • Limescale filter
  • Transparent - plastic finish
  • Removable lid
  • INSTANT - Hot water is available instantly , without preheating.
  • HEALTHIER WATER - Water is also instantly filtered thanks to the Claris cartridge. This removes impurities providing better tasting, healthier water and reducing limescale.
  • ENERGY SAVING - You only heat and use the quantity you need.
  • AUTOMATIC STOP - Programmable cup size

Other Features

Patented Opti-Quick heating system Patented Opti-Quick heating system Flow Stop system Hot or cold water in 3 seconds
Energy Saving product Energy saving product Consumes only 1/3 of the energy of a standard kettle
Claris filter cartridge Fresh filtered water on tap
Claris cartridge life: 6 weeks Brita cartridge life: 4 weeks
Claris cartridge replacement indicator Improves life time of machines and secure best filter performance : no wastage
The Tefal Quick Cup is versatile Perfect for any hot or cold drink or snack
Flowstop system Manual or automatic flow
Stainless Steel control panel Stylish design
1.5L removable water tank The Tefal quick cup kettle is easy to fill
Anti-dust lid
2800 W

Tefal Quick Cup Kettle

Tefal Quick Cup - Hot water for your cuppa in just 3 seconds! The water is also filtered so it is cleaner and it uses just 1/3 of the energy of a standard kettle. ... More >>>

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